Step 1: Install TrueConf Server Free

To get familiar with all the features of software video conferencing server TrueConf Server, we suggest you to get a free version of our product.

Download TrueConf Server Free
A static IP address is required for the server to work properly

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Virtual Meeting or role-based conference is a video conferencing mode involving more than two users while some of them are acting as speakers and others as audience.

All conference participants can see and hear the speakers. The audience is not visible to anyone but any user can become a speaker.

The audience may use general and personal chats, status bar and audio replies for feedback.

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Video Call FullHD is a video conferencing mode involving two participants. Both users can see and hear each other during a video call.

Collaboration tools are available. Video streams are transmitted directly between users, not through the server. The highest supported resolution is FullHD (1080p).
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Multipoint Video Conferences is a video conferencing mode involving more than two users who can hear and see each other.TrueConf group video conferencing is more than just video communication as it represents a fully functional collaboration tool: group text chat, slide show, screen capturing, desktop control and screen sharing.
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